Africa: A Rich Cultural Setting

Everyone's searching deeply for the truth.. hoping to one day see the light in another dimension. I am always in awe on realisation that I'm in the middle of a people full of diverse culture. It is only in Africa that you will see people adorn themselves with tribal marks. At times like this, I… Continue reading Africa: A Rich Cultural Setting

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Fried Yam Drizzled with Honey

(Easy To Make Recipe) INGREDIENTS ✓ Yam Slices (depends on serving portions) ✓ Cooking Oil ✓ Salt (optional) ✓ Honey (as desired)   PREPARATION Cut the yam slices into small pieces as you like it and rinse with water. Add salt before or after frying if you wish. Add some cooking oil to your frying… Continue reading Fried Yam Drizzled with Honey

My Poems


Adoration is dedicated to Favour-Joy Abegunde, a close friend, part 3 student of Mathematics Department, OAU. Looking into your eyes, I could walk the miles, With your not so often beaming smile, With a brain so sharp, coupled with a pure mind, And a passion for maths as strong as the ice Never conceding to… Continue reading ADORATION